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What is BridgePoint LLC?

Bridgepoint consulting is a firm committed to improving your organization by examining issues you may be facing through two very different “lenses”. One lens focuses on problems through productivity (or process) improvement and employs the tools of Six Sigma, Lean and the Theory of Constraints (“bottlenecks”) to improve flow, productivity and ultimately profitability. The other lens focuses through the human side often referred to as human resources or human capital. Through this lens, efforts are made to seek collaboration, synergy, teamwork and employee commitment toward company objectives. Rather than leaning too heavily on one side or the other, Bridgepoint seeks a balance to both business needs and employee needs desiring harmony between profitability and livability.

Six Sigma, Lean Productivity

Bridgepoint seeks to diagnose problems or issues as precisely as possible and apply the tools of Six Sigma, Lean or the Theory of Constraints to improve productivity, “flow” and ultimately profitability. With an eye fixed on the target, our experts seek to achieve goals while gaining employee commitment, not just compliance. Serving clients in the aggregate, mining, healthcare, education and transportation industries among others, Bridgepoint seeks excellence and world class outcomes in all its work. This link to a journal cover article was written by Bridgepoint’s founder and discusses these concepts within one industry:
This additional link provides direction on focusing the entire organization on relational metrics throughout the company:

For other articles relating to process or productivity improvement, please click on Publications. Additionally, Bridgepoint offers a complete portfolio of training for Six Sigma, Lean and Theory of Constraints. Please click on Training to learn more.

Human Resources

Many small to medium sized organizations struggle with the demands and needs placed upon them within their employee ranks. These and other requests are often captured within the oft used phrase of “human resources”. Bridgepoint offers human resources consultation in a variety of ways including – compensation and benefit plan design, staffing, employee training and organizational change. Whether you need a consultant to coach you through a major culture change initiative, a new incentive compensation plan design, management training for talent development or designing an affordable employee benefit plan; Bridgepoint can assist you with these and other human resource initiatives. We would like to partner with you and your employees in all your human resource needs.

For management training or leadership development, please click on Training. With this link you’ll learn more about “Strengths Orientation”, “Situational Leadership” “Change Management” and “Emotional and Social Intelligence”.

Training links:
Situational Leadership
Social and Emotional Intelligence
Six Sigma White Belt